About the Site

Cover from a Subbuteo Catalog

It was somewhere around 1978 when I first played Subbuteo. I was at a sleep over birthday party and in the garage where we were to sleep that night was this miniature soccer field with these little figures on what seemed like Weeble Wobble bases. It was from that point on I was hooked. How cool was it that you could play the "Beautiful Game" on a 4' by 8' piece of plywood. Unfortunately for me was the fact that Subbuteo wasn't that big in the USA and I wouldn't see another set until the 1994-5 time frame when my friend picked one up for me while on a business trip to the UK. Even then I was pretty lucky because I didn't even know it was called "Subbuteo" until a year or two before that. Not too many people can decipher the description of a soccer game where there are little plastic figures like the ones used in vibration football and instead of large flat square bases they have Weeble Wobble bases. Plus you flick them instead of turning on the vibrating field.

My first set is the USA 94 World Cup set. My friend said he thought it looked cooler than the regular version on the shelf. The funny thing is, to this day, I have never even played it. Though from the day I got it in my hands and unfolded the teams/accessories poster it sparked a love for the game that is hard to describe. Which I know others have and do experience. It also inspired me to start collecting. With eBay still about 3-4 years out, I was able to score some accessories in a trip to France and Belgium though it seemed like the toy stores there were phasing it out. Slim pickings to say the least however compared to here it was a major score.

Now with the internet it is no problem getting Subbuteo and other things. Though nothing was like going to Woodentop in Lichfield and seeing all the teams and accessories on the shelves. I think the only thing that saved me from buying the whole lot was the terrible Dollar to Pound conversion rate.

In the same trip that took me to Woodentop, I also spent some time in Germany. There I found the game Pro Action Football and the local favorite, Tipp-Kick. I had never seen anything like either of them. I should have known there would be other games based on soccer though I had never seen them. This is when I decided to expand my collection to other games.

That is what this site is about. It is just my personal collection of "Table Soccer" games that I have found on trips here and there. Futebol de Botão is from Brazil, the Lego Soccer on the site is actually the German version, and Premier World Table Soccer 2000 is the American release of the game that was originally released in the UK. The difference is that the training video is in NTSC instead of PAL.

Thanks for stopping by. - Sev